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Are You a Crabby Cook?

by on January 24th, 2011
Are You a Crabby Cook? Cover Image

Truth be told, I’m not really. I enjoy the “joy of cooking”. Other than when working until 7 p.m. And coming home to find my nearest and dearest wasting away, wondering if dinner will be on his plate in five minutes. Even then, I enjoy the act of preparing a meal to be shared. Though, in fact, it may end up being salad in a bag with take out pizza (as always, thank you Pagliai’s!)

But for those who don’t enjoy the act, have picky eaters to feed, or simply have more to do than cooking a five course meal from scratch each day allows, there’s a great new book at ICPL. The Crabby Cook Cookbook, by Jessica Harper, is a compendium of “almost effortless” recipes and plenty of survival tips from a writer who is a born storyteller. In fact, Harper is a movie actress (anyone remember the cult movies The Phantom of the Paradise or Suspira?) She’s also a children’s musician and author, and a wickedly funny lady. Her sense of humor and clear expertise in the kitchen shine throughout the book, making it a fun read whether you’re standing in the kitchen or not. And the recipes sound both tasty and easy to make!

Here are just a few of the storytelling recipes she shares with readers: the Hell of Lasagna; the Famous Tuna Melt of ’96; the Killer Cheese Ball; Pain-in-the-Ass Minestrone; Dog-Proof Caprese Salad; and, Criminal Coconut Cake.

Jessica Harper isn’t just fun to read though. She also has a website called, not surprisingly, The Crabby Cook.  There you can find more kitchen survival ideas and tips plus some hilarious video clips. Take a look at Harper’s sly and clever approach to cooking for a ladies book group:

Julia Child might end this with a hearty “bon appetite!” I’ll just say try cooking “The Crabby Cook” way, then kick off your shoes and relax…

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