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An Irish Country Courtship

by on December 11th, 2010
An Irish Country Courtship Cover Image

I always enjoy when the newest installment in Patrick Taylor’s “Ballybucklebo” (also called “Irish Country”) series is released.  Set in the fictional Northern Ireland Ulster town of Ballybucklebo in 1965, country doctors Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly and Barry Laverty are fully immersed in the daily activities of the charming town.  From horse swindlers, to bacterial mengitis, to saving a the undertaker from choking, their days are full of adventure.

When Laverty is jilted by the love of his life he reexamines his commitment to stay in the small town.  O’Reilly sets out to convince him that he can establish a meaningful life there.  Although I thought the storyline around Laverty’s broken heart drug on more that I cared for (ok … he was a bit of a whiner), I thoroughly enjoyed being transported to Ireland through the pages of this book.

I love listening to Patrick Taylor’s books on disc.  John Keating narrates most of the recordings and his voice is wonderful!  Listening makes you feel like you are in Northern Ireland.  I find myself wanting to slip into an Ulster dialect and use words like, “Bugger, “Banjaxed,” and “Eejit.”  So jigs and reels, get away on with you! Call the cows home and take a listen.  You’ll be glad you did.  ~Enjoy~

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