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by on October 7th, 2010
Siege Cover Image

Siege ends several Marvel Comics story arcs that date back to 2006, including the Civil War, the death of Captain America, the whole Asgard moving to Oklahoma thing, and the Dark Avengers, put together by the Green Goblin.  A few characters seem to have bitten the dust as well, tho death is always provisional in comics.  Ares, God of War in particular goes out with a splash, and it’s hard to see much future for the Sentry.  Story arcs like these tend to move kind of slowly, so it’s a little startling here to see so many changes made at once.

The Sentry btw has one of my favorite origin stories, told in New Avengers. At some point in the past  supervillain Mastermind has wiped out everyone’s memories of the Sentry including the Sentry’s own.  So no one knows he exists, but  there are comic books about him, and from these the Avengers deduce that he existed, and still does.  Clever, no?

Marvel seems to be turning their backs on the kind of company wide mega-story they’ve been selling the last several years.  They’ve branded their new approach “The Heroic Age,” meaning that if you pick up a Spider-Man, you’ll get a Spider-Man story, not an installment in some other storyline.  While this may curtail the ambitions of their story-telling, it should solve the problem of finding a sensible sequence to read their bigger stories in.  It also looks like they’ll be focusing on characters with movie franchises.

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