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by on June 20th, 2010
Buongiorno! Cover Image

If you’re reading this, then the auto-publish feature must have worked, and I must be in Italy. You might have questions, such as, what am I doing right now (probably looking for a place to have dinner, as it’s 8 pm), how did I spend my day (going to the Uffizi), and what have I eaten so far (what haven’t I eaten so far??). But the important question is, what book did I bring with me to read?

I had a hard time deciding on my vacation reading material. I knew it was going to be fiction, but that was about it. I looked at some lists of best ‘summer reads’ and asked people what types of books they like to read on vacation. I thought about bringing books that take place in Italy. I briefly considered bringing some kind of book that I usually wouldn’t read, like a Nicholas Sparks title, but quickly decided that it had to be something I would normally enjoy–if I don’t want Sparks on my lunch break downtown, why spoil the Amalfi Coast with him?  Ultimately, I decided that the primary criteria for selection had to be high interest level combined with little intricate detail–in short,  I wanted a book that would hold my attention, but not make me think too hard.

Another important feature–I wanted a paperback. I thought about bringing the new David Hewson book, which takes place in Rome, but it’s hardcover, so a little less portable. I then considered from the Marshal Guarnaccia series by Magdalen Nabb, which are set in Florence, but that made me wonder if I should take a book that was set in each of the places I was visiting. Finally, I changed tracks entirely, and decided on The Girl Who Played With Fire, which I’ve been wanting to read for a while. Plus, it’s a long book, so it should last me the entire 12 glorious days and nights that I am there…if not, I guess I’ll just have to go look at some paintings or do some shopping, I hear they’ve got some options there.

3 Responses to “Buongiorno!”

  1. Maeve Clark says:

    How was the trip? Did you have time to read?

  2. Partner in Crime says:

    Does the Lonely Planet guide have a chapter on what to do if US Airways totally loses your luggage? They should!

    I’ll bet that “Girl Who Played With Fire” would read pretty well on the beach at Kent Park, too– not as glamorous as the Amalfi Coast, but a good place for a sunny read, I hear.

    Can’t think of any beach that might improve Nicolas Sparks, though…

  3. Candice says:

    I still haven’t finished the Stieg Larsson book…perhaps a trip to some other exotic place is in order…Palo Beach, maybe? Adventureland?

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